Our Team


Paul Ragsdale, PhD

Founder and CEO

I'm a lifelong gearhead who founded RSC Motors, Inc., to build one of the last great naturally aspirated internal combustion sports cars ever.

I was inspired by the Senna era of F1—and by Carroll Shelby's audacity—and decided to build the car that I want that doesn't exist:  A 2,100-pound, F1-inspired chassis powered by the highest-revving production motor in the world, a 2.3 liter V8 that revs to 12,500 RPM and makes over 400 hp.

These combine to bring a visceral driving experience back to the road before everything goes hybrid, electric, and synthetic.


Victor Seaber, MBA

Technical Director

Engineer, Motorsport Champion as both Driver and Team Principal, Successful Founder.  If Ken Miles had an MBA...