Our Team


Paul Ragsdale, PhD

Founder and CEO

I'm a lifelong gearhead who founded RSC Motors, Inc., to build one of the last great naturally aspirated internal combustion sports cars ever.

I was inspired by the Senna era of F1—and by Carroll Shelby's audacity—and decided to build the car that I want that doesn't exist:  A 2,100-pound, F1-inspired chassis powered by the highest-revving production motor in the world, a 2.3 liter V8 that revs to 12,500 RPM and makes over 400 hp.

These combine to bring a visceral driving experience back to the road before everything goes hybrid, electric, and synthetic.

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Victor Seaber, MBA

Technical Director

Engineer, Motorsport Champion as both Driver and Team Principal, Successful Founder.  If Ken Miles had an MBA...